New Disneyland Guidebook gives equal parts history and fun

Truth be told, I don’t even pick up Disney theme park guidebooks anymore. Most of them cover the same information and can be outdated by the time they go to press considering how often Disney changes policies, attractions and prices.

Guide to Disneyland

Another interesting flaw is that most guidebooks are designed for adults and kids Disney guidebooks are watered down versions of their adult counterparts. However, as a Disney fan, there has never been a book that is visually appealing for kids and also sprinkles in Disney history in a fun and understandable way. That is, there wasn’t until now thanks to Going To Disneyland: A Guide For Kids & Kids At Heart.


What I love about this book is that’s visually appealing for kids, combining great photographs of the park with beautiful hand drawn illustrations. More important to me is that not only does Going to Disneyland get kids excited about the park through images, the book also has a healthy dose of history sprinkled throughout.


I recently spoke with the author, Shannon Willis Laskey, about why she created this beautiful new book. “Basically, I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator,” she explained. “I was planning a trip to Disneyland with my kids and went to the library to get a guide book for my son and found there were none! So, I realized *I* could make it myself. I was sort of shocked there was nothing out there already. Disneyland is such a fun place and there were no FUN books about it.”


Admittedly, there are many adults I know who would never take the time to read an adult-oriented Disneyland guidebook, but Going To Disneyland: A Guide For Kids & Kids At Heart would be perfect for them too. “The whole time I was creating this I had two groups in mind though – kids and adults,” she added. “I definitely wanted the book to appeal to hip, fun-loving adult Disney fans – which I think it does. Another one of my goal’s with the book was to make it interactive so that’s why there are so many places to fill in the blanks or take a fun quiz, etc. I wanted readers to personalize their book so when they were done with it, they’d actually created something even better – a souvenir of their whole Disneyland experience.”


For me, this is a perfect guide for anyone you know who is going to Disneyland for the first time regardless of their age.


It gives great visuals of what to expect at the park and even gives some great insight on how this place we all know and love was created, designed and has changed over the years. I can’t recommend Going To Disneyland: A Guide For Kids & Kids At Heart enough.

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