Martin Smith Pays Tribute to World Showcase Pavilions

It’s been a while since we have covered the latest Martin Smith videos here at Theme Park University. In case you missed it, Smith has been meticulously documenting the history of Epcot World Showcase pavilions for the last few months. With his latest focusing on Canada, France and China, let’s dig in!

As always, I learn something new from every Martin Smith video I watch. In this case, it turns out that not only was China originally not supposed to be an opening day pavilion, a Scandinavian attraction was supposed to be in its place along World Showcase lagoon!

As always, there are some rarely seen construction photos like the one of the China pavilion seen above. Included are all kinds of anecdotes about the Circle-Vision 360 films and how they have evolved over the years. Not to mention, some great footage of the films themselves! Check out the video below!

With Martin Smith’s Ultimate Tribute to the France pavilion, yet again we get to see concept art that never quite made it to the finished product. For example, this information center seen below.

There is also a ton of great behind-the-scenes photographs and stories of my personal favorite Epcot film, Impressions de France. You’ll learn all kinds of interesting trivia from where it was filmed to how it was shot.

And, of course, you can see the film in its entirety with source audio and so much more! Click on the link below!

Finally, Smith’s latest video showcases the Canada pavilion. One of my favorite parts of each of his tributes is how he breaks down how each pavilion is designed and creates a virtual blueprint.

In the case of the Canada pavilion, not only does he break down how it’s designed, but it also covers what landmarks the architecture is inspired by!

Again, something I have never seen before, somehow he found the grand opening ceremony for the Canada pavilion. Of course, it is part of the ultimate tribute along with plenty of info and footage of O’Canada and how the film has changed over the years! Check it out below!

It’s worth mentioning that this is not a business for Martin Smith, but a true passion project. You can’t buy these videos, nor does he make money off of them. He truly cares about preserving the history of Disney parks. Looking forward to his new videos coming in 2019!

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