Journey Into Imagination History Captured in New 90 Minute Martin Smith Video

Christmas has come early Epcot fans. If you’ve followed Theme Park University for long enough, you know that we are huge fans of Martin Smith videos. In 2017 alone he has chronicled World of Motion, Spaceship Earth, Horizons, World of Motion and now an epic look at Journey into Imagination.

As with all Martin Smith tribute videos, he chronicles the evolution of the attraction from various concept stages. For example, who knew that the Imagination Pavillion actually evolved from an “Arts and Lifestyles Pavilion” proposed as an introduction to World Showcase. However, when Kodak came on board they wanted a more imaginative pavilion.

Even more interesting is to see how Dreamfinder and Figment evolved into the characters that we know today. Errr… yesterday. Professor Marvel and his dragon came from a carousel theater attraction proposed in Discovery Bay.  As anyone at WDI will tell you, no ideas go completely to waste. When Kodak was brought in for the pitch for the Imagination Pavillion, Tony Baxter used the same maquette of Professor Marvel and requested the dragon’s color be changed from Fuji Film green. Purple was eventually decided on, with a yellow and red sweater to represent the colors in Kodak’s logo.

In addition, the Journey Into Imagination Tribute covers what the ride could have been if the ride plans hadn’t been changed early on.  Believe it or not, the Imageworks on the second floor was originally designed to even more show scenes for the ride. There would have been a second turntable on the upper floor directly above the first with a completely different scene that would have traveled along with the vehicle. That second turntable would have served as the ride’s finale where they would be unloaded upstairs.

Speaking of Imageworks, keep an eye out for a young Joe Rhode portraying the Dreamfinder in this video! Yes, the guy behind Animal Kingdom and Guardians of the Galaxy: MIssion Breakout is one of the first people to play the Dreamfinder in an interactive exhibit called ChromaKey Theater.


Enough of me babbling, go ahead and check out Martin Smith’s latest masterpiece by clicking the link below. Keep in mind, Martin Smith doesn’t make a dime off of these, so go ahead and follow his Facebook page for new video releases when you’re done watching the film.

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