Items Up For Auction Highlighting Unrealized Disney Attractions and Concepts

Every single time Van Eaton Galleries has another Disney auction, it’s like opening up a new treasure chest. The items that come from Disney parks from around the world are historical, nostalgic and fascinating. I look forward to going through their catalog every time and their new auction did not disappoint.

I’m talking about things you’ve never thought you could own. Like this actual horn from an actual Mark IV monorail. I have no idea how you’d get this operational again, but what a great way to scare your neighbors at 4 a.m.

Too much work to make an old monorail horn honk again? Then how about these actual tiki birds from Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki room. Yes, these are birds that performed in the Walt Disney World show. Indeed, they can perform for you too with the push of a button.

Need something more sinister? This devil prop from Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is a great conversation starter. Just pop this in your living room and you can tell instantly who your friend circle should include. Know what this is from? Come over to my house as often as you like. We’ll get along fine. You think I’m a weirdo because I have a satan spawn figure in my living room? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Personally, the real star of the show are these hidden gems scattered throughout the catalog. Concept art that I have never seen and some I haven’t even heard of. For example, this piece by Harper Goff (former Disney Imagineer) showcasing an abandoned concept for a walking tour of Living with The Land. Would love to see more of this!

Or how about this book full of sketches for the abandoned Mount Fuji roller coaster proposed for Japan at Epcot? As legend has it, the idea was abandoned after Kodak was upset that Fuji (a competing film brand) would be advertised in the same park as their sponsored attraction, Journey Into Imagination.

While we all know The Little Mermaid did end up with a live show at the Disney/MGM Studios, who knew about this abandoned concept idea? We love stories like this because the public rarely gets to hear about how an attraction evolves into what we see as the finished product.

One that has been documented fairly well is this concept as Indiana Jones in Disneyland as a multi-attraction concept. There were several ideas that got abandoned (due to time and budget constraints) that utilized the indoor facility as much more than a jeep ride. Even the Jungle Cruise was supposed to go inside for a big during one version!

How about these incredible sketches and layouts for a Thames River Cruise attraction in Epcot? Indeed, there were many rides that were slated for World Showcase, but considering Epcot was a massive undertaking, some projects were abandoned. I have heard very little about this concept, but love seeing some of the renderings!

Probably most interesting to me are these auctions for Westcot. Long before Disney’s California Adventure, Disney proposed a second park that was going to be the west coast version of Epcot. A futuristic city with new concepts and attractions, but the same mission as the Florida counterpart.

Which one of these interests you the most? More importantly, if any Theme Park University readers manage to snag any of these auction items, I would love pictures with more detail! Don’t even need to see them in person or even breathe on them. I’m serious. If you snag any of these, shoot me a message! Check out the full auction by clicking this link!

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