Is Disney Pushing Too Much Frozen In Their Parks?

Let me preface this article saying I am not a fan of the $1.24 BILLION phenomenon that is “Frozen.” Yet I also realize I am in the minority. By and large, hardcore Disney fans are over “Frozen” fever and seem to be outraged every time a new “Frozen” attraction, show or seasonal offering is announced by the Mouse. This includes when Disney recently announced that a new “Frozen”-inspired show would be replacing Aladdin at Disney’s California Adventure’s Hyperion Theater in early 2016. 

Disney Parks Blog

The top response on Disney Parks Blog’s Facebook Post is linked above for your reading enjoyment. I say top post because Facebook takes the amount of likes each response gets and ranks them from most likes to least. As of this writing, 194 people agree with her that Disney’s “post-marketing for “Frozen” is making everyone sick.” 

Frozen Hyperion Theater

While 194 people may seem like a lot, if all of those people went to see the next showing of Aladdin at Disney’s California Adventure right now, they would make up less than 10% of the 2,000 seat capacity at the Hyperion Theater. Or right around 3% of a typical day where Aladdin is staged three times. 

Disney Parks Blog

However, what about comments like these? Pay particular attention to the last line, “I simply can not see a “Frozen” show having the same theatrical beauty that Aladdin has.”  As of this writing, Disney has yet to release any concept art for this new show at the Hyperion Theater.  I know this might sound crazy, but maybe it will be better than Aladdin? *gasp*


Have you ever seen the trailer for a movie and thought it was going to be total crap, but your significant other dragged you to it anyway and you really enjoyed it? Or have you ever been really looking forward to a new television show only to be let down week after week until you just gave up? 

Despite popular belief, change is the most exciting part of being a theme park fan. Sometimes they get rid of your favorites. Sometimes they create a new experience beyond your wildest expectations. Disney fans are particularly clingy when it comes to changing their traditions and it’s understandable. 

I will keep beating this drum as long as Theme Park University is alive: fans who follow blogs like mine or even the Disney Parks Blog make up the MINORITY of theme park visitors. Meaning if you think the prevailing view of what you read on blogs and message boards is what the majority of the paying public thinks, you’re living in a hole.  

Disney Tourist Blog

I’ll give you an example. The new World of Color show at Disney’s California Adventure has tributes to many things including classic Disneyland attractions, Walt Disney himself and yes, “Frozen.” Next time you’re watching the show, I encourage you to try something different. Watch the show facing backwards. That’s right. Grab a spot as close to the water as you can and turn around. When the “Frozen” segment begins, pay attention to how many people sing along or even throw their hands in the air. Not just you and your friends, but watch the entire crowd of thousands of people. 

Frozen Magic Kingdom

The “Frozen” segment in Walt Disney World’s Celebrate The Magic gets an even louder response nightly. Due to a long pause in the show just after “Let It Go,” nearly every single night you can hear a loud cheer even if you aren’t standing directly in front of Cinderella Castle directly after Idina Menzel belts it out. 

If you sit on the “I am sick of ‘Frozen’” side of the fence like many online foamers, let me give you some food for thought. Over 1 billion dollars at the box office means an awful lot of people saw this movie. Maybe the way to look at this is: how many kids are going to NEED to visit Disneyland now that their favorite movie is being adapted into a stage show? Now how many of those kids who might not have ever visited the park will also get to experience the Haunted MansionIndiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye or The Matterhorn? Perhaps “Frozen” is their gateway drug and Disneyland will be the crack we all know and love! Your thoughts?

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