#IReadTheEntireArticle Will Live On

I am beyond humbled. At the end of a recent article about the fate of the Hall of Presidents, readers of Theme Park University absolutely blew me away. At the end of the article, I tried an experiment where I asked readers who read the entire piece to comment “IReadTheEntireArticle” on our TPU Facebook page. I got hundreds upon hundreds of readers doing just that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This simple act is significant for several reasons. First, it turns out we have a small community here at Theme Park University. People who enjoy reading articles about themed entertainment from a unique perspective that (hopefully) comes off as intelligent and well thought out, whether you agree with us or not! Can we also take a moment to realize that an article was written in 2017 about American politics and the comments left were civil? This, my friends, is a huge accomplishment.

It is for this reason that I’d like to continue using the hashtag “#IReadTheEntireArticle” on TPU on social media for a few reasons. First, it lets you the reader know who to interact with if you want to start a dialogue about a particular subject matter. Personally, I’d rather post my opinion on something I’ve read knowing that the people who are reading my comment have at the very least the same information that I do. It helps justify your time in making a comment in the first place.

Secondly, we can create a community doing this. Do you wish there was a place where like-minded fans of themed entertainment can express their feelings amongst other like-minded fans who appreciate the industry from the perspective of those who understand it. Or at least try to.

Finally, because I’m ever so grateful, I will continue to offer freebies for those that use the hashtag “#IReadTheEntireArticle”. Roughly once a month I’ll give the rules of the contest, when you need to post the comment and what the prize is. Prizes will range from gift cards to books about theme parks to swag I occasionally get for being a journalist who covers themed entertainment.  If you’ve got a particular prize that you’d like featured on our next “#IReadTheEntireArticle” giveaway, drop me a line!

Benjamin Lytle was our winner of the last giveaway.  Congratulations and thanks again for everyone who contributed to a civil and thought-provoking dialogue about what is clearly a very sensitive subject.

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