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Frozen Summer Fun Kicks Off at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Frozen Summer Fun

Despite many online theme park fans being tired of Disney’s Frozen franchise, the general public can’t seem to get enough of it. Back for a second year is Disney’s Frozen Summer Fun promotion at Disney’s Hollywood Studios running June 17 through September 7, 2015.

Frozen Summer FunIn 2014, Frozen Summer Fun was so popular it was extended a few weeks and the Frozen Sing-A-Long show become a permanent fixture in the park. This year, the offerings have changed a bit due to the impending construction of the park (more on that in a future article).

Frozen Summer FunNew this year is Olaf’s Summer Cool Down show at the end of Hollywood Boulevard.

Frozen Summer Fun

The Olaf character is an articulated figure complete with eye and mouth movement. As you’d expect, the show is about what Olaf enjoys doing most “In Summer”.

Frozen Summer Fun

The show only stars Olaf and features a narrator and dancers who do routines that the audience is encouraged to dance along to.

Frozen Summer Fun


The show’s finale featured CO2 cannons that blasted the audience with cold air. Check out the video!

Over at the ABC Sound Studio theater, “Frozen Fever” was playing every thirty minutes. This is the same short which aired before the new live action “Cinderella” movie seen in theaters Spring 2015.

Frozen Summer Fun

Before the short started, audiences were treated a brief behind-the-scenes intro and a trailer for a new Disney short films DVD/Blu-Ray.

Frozen Summer Fun

Frozen Summer Fun

Needless to say, there are Frozen themed food and beverage offerings scattered around Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Frozen Summer Fun.

Frozen Summer FunStarting in the evening is the Coolest Summer Ever Dance Party hosted by DJ Chill. The crowd was eating up the mashups he did of Frozen songs with Top 40 hits.

Frozen Summer Fun


This guy is Disney’s premier DJ and with good reason. He’s insanely talented.

Frozen Summer FunFinally, the Frozen Sing-Along Celebration has moved from the Premier Theater in the back of Disney’s Hollywood Studios to the Hyperion Theater near The Great Movie Ride.

Frozen Summer FunThat’s right, I said the Hyperion Theater. This is the same building that last hosted The American Idol Experience and has gone through several name changes including the Superstar Television Theater, named for the first attraction that resided within when Disney/MGM Studios opened in 1989.

Frozen Summer Fun

Is it the same show? Yes and no. The format, outline and script of the show have been left unchanged. However, this theater has been equipped with some new special effects.

Frozen Summer Fun

Most notably are the walls of the auditorium which now feature projection mapping to match the action on stage. Say what you will about Frozen being overhyped and overplayed, but after seeing the Frozen Sing-Along several times now (I am not that big of a fan either), guests undeniably love the show and even give it standing ovations which is unheard of in theme parks.

Frozen Summer Fun

What makes the show tick are these performers. Skilled improv players who make the show fresh and understand “the miracle of the first time” every single time. Very few shows can pull off having children and parents genuinely laughing out loud simultaneously, but it happens throughout the performance. Bravo.


Watch the video above and you’ll see kids and adults belting out the lyrics. You can also see both kids and adults throwing their hands in the air like Elsa does in the movie. No matter what you personally think of Frozen, the public is still undeniably eating it up.

Frozen Summer Fun

No doubt, the Frozen Sing-Along show will be around for years to come, but there is something more important here. What does this theater move mean and why? We will discuss that in our next article.

Frozen Summer Fun

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  1. fan51
    Posted June 18, 2015 at 10:43 am | Permalink

    I’m sure the show will be around for a few more years, before they put in Star Wars Land. The Hyperion Theater name sounds like it was taken from California Adventure. Maybe it will become the Jedi Academy in the future.

  2. Posted June 20, 2015 at 12:03 am | Permalink

    neat! i got to check it out today. I caught the tail end of the new show and I loved the cannons at the end! it felt great on a hot day.

    I love the projection mapping for the sing along.

    ….now I’m anxious for the article about the plans for hollywoodstudios. when is that article coming out! I’m dying!!

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