Fantasmic Could Be Returning To Disney’s Hollywood Studios March 2021 With Modifications

As Walt Disney World tries to slowly increase capacity, one thing has been sorely lacking: nighttime entertainment. Since the pandemic began, we have yet to see any kind of fireworks or true nighttime entertainment return. However, we are now hearing Fantasmic might make a return to Walt Disney World in March 2021 with some slight modifications.

Image: Walt Disney World

As we all know, Walt Disney World has been altering the capacity of its attractions and shows since reopening. It is extremely hard to regulate standing crowds of nighttime spectaculars at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. However, Fantasmic is pretty perfect for a nighttime spectacular in the modified setting.

Image: Disney Food Blog

At normal capacity, the theater can seat just shy of 7,000 people. Under modified seating, you might be able to squeeze in over 2,500 if you include some standing room areas in the back that can be separated by plexiglass.

Just like we reported on Festival of the Lion King at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we expect Fantasmic to be a modified show from what we have seen before. Due to the smaller capacity, most likely Disney would want to spend less on operating the show on a nightly basis. Thus, we expect there to be fewer characters and live performers than what we have seen before.

If we could take a guess, we think the Pocahontas scene could be cut entirely. Fun fact: most of the performers used in the Pocahontas scene are from Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. All those punches, falls and climbing the mountain are all guys and gals who just did their last show over at the Indy theater.

Thus, with no stunt performers it might finally be time to put the Pocahontas segment to rest permanently for Fantasmic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They’ve been talking about dropping it or modifying it for years.

Again, at this point, this is only a rumor and the Pocahontas is our own educated speculation. Nothing is official until Disney announces that it is true. However, this makes the most sense as Walt Disney World slowly brings back as many offerings as possible during the pandemic. Your thoughts?

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