Fan Recreates Disney’s Tower of Terror In His Home

So you think you’re the ultimate fan of your favorite attraction? Maybe you have limited-edition merchandise. Perhaps you’ve even acquired a piece of the attraction through a reseller via an auction? Timothy Tom has gone to the extreme with recreating Disney’s Tower of Terror in an enclosed patio of his home!

“I loved the ride when I first went to the Tower of Terror decades ago both because it is a fun wide but due to the tie in with the Twilight Zone which I also love,” remarked Tom. The amount of detail in this fan recreation is jaw-dropping. Everything from the elevator doors, to the light fixtures and even the aging of the entire room looks incredible.

Timothy actually relied on a team of people to help create the Tower of Terror Theater. For example, he hired an actor as a look-alike for Rod Serling to recreate some scenes. He then hired voice actor Mark Silverman to do the voice narration. Silverman recreated the voice of Rod Serling for the Tower of Terror attractions in California and Florida. Finally, they created a deep fake video where they basically meshed the actor’s body with Rod Serling’s face and Silverman’s voice to create the finished product.

“This entire project was made possible due to talented people who had the technical expertise to make my dream come true, since I had zero experience or electronics, prop construction or programming,” said Tom. The finished product is pretty incredible. Check it out in the video below!

Plus, this recreation still isn’t complete! Timothy says he hopes to create a four-person ride vehicle. That vehicle would automatically turn and face the proper show scenes. It would even be equipped with pneumatics that can briefly “drop” riders! We are looking forward to how the Tower of Terror Theater evolves from here!

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