Epcot Center’s Communicore History Showcased in New Martin Smith Video

Don’t you wish you could hop into a theme park time machine sometimes? That’s exactly how it feels every time Martin Smith releases a new video on Disney history. This time, he’s got some amazing footage of what is often the most forgotten Epcot Center pavilion: Communicore!

As always, Smith has a ton of concept art for his videos and Communicore is no exception. In this video, he covers how Communicore evolved into what we know it today. I have actually never seen the concept art above, but it is fascinating to see how the concept changed from 1978 to opening day in 1982.

One of my personal favorite facts about Communicore was the original intent was to have a Peoplemover style attraction bring guests to various parts of the pavilion. While that idea was ultimately scrapped, you can still see in certain parts of the building where Peoplemover track could have fit. Martin Smith has actually gone so far as to edit it into the video to show you what it might have looked like beyond the concept art! Truly exciting stuff.

Another great feature of this video is the promotional films that Martin Smith that have been included about Communicore and how it fits into the original vision of Epcot Center. Notice in the image above, a monorail glides by in the upper right corner and just below it, I believe is a Peoplemover track. Keep in mind, this lines up with what Walt Disney originally proposed for Epcot when it was planned to be a city back in 1968.

As usual, there are some amazing construction photos!

Not to mention some great photos of the dedication ceremony where representatives from 25 countries poured water from their respective rivers around the globe into the fountain of nations. Notice how different each container is! What an amazing ceremony this must have been.

Yet again, I always learn something new from Martin Smith videos. Who knew decades before a Tron Coaster would be under construction at the Magic Kingdom that there was a proposed Tron Arcade in Communicore? Apparently, this was actually announced and teased in the park but never built.

Personally, my fondest memories of Communicore come from the build your own roller coaster kiosks. Long before you could build a custom coaster with Bill Nye at DisneyQuest (and ride it). Long before you could do this on a personal computer, you could learn about physics and even take a test ride of your own creation in Communicore.

Finally, there are all those details that I just forgot about. Like this Figment spaceship that was located inside the gift shop of Communicore. I wonder what happened to that figure? If this article has even remotely got you feeling nostalgic, you have to check out the full video below.  Thanks again to Martin Smith for preserving the history of Epcot and Disney attractions.

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