Ellen Wants Her Robot Back from Ellen’s Energy Adventure at Epcot

I think she’s serious. At least I’m pretty sure she is. On September 13, 2017 Ellen Degeneres went on her show and informed her audience that her attraction at Epcot, Ellen’s Energy Adventure (also known as the Universe of Energy) had closed over the summer while the show was on hiatus.

During the segment, she said, “There was a monument that was removed, I’m sure you’ve read the headlines…” and the camera cut to stories about Ellen’s Energy Adventure closing in Epcot. As she goes on, Ellen tells the audience that the attraction is being replaced with a Guardians of the Galaxy ride.

However, Ellen remembers the animatronic likeness of her that was in the dinosaur portion of Ellen’s Energy Adventure and wants it back. Even though it was… well… always kind of frightening. Plus, what I’m sure Ellen and her producers don’t know is the animatronic was removed from the attraction several years ago never to be seen of again. Not to mention her animatronic doesn’t belong to her since it was part of an attraction at Disney. Details, details… eh?


I know a lot of folks in creative and Walt Disney Imagineering read Theme Park University might have an idea of where they placed Ellen’s animatronic when it was removed years ago if it is even salvageable. If memory serves me correctly, something went wrong with her hydraulic system and that’s why she was removed from the show. At any rate, anyone who knows where the figure might be can call 718-937-5120. Either way, even if you don’t know where the figure went… maybe your friends might? Share this post and let’s see if we can get Ellen’s robot on her show!

Editor’s Note: Did some research… and that number was indeed a former Radio Shack in Queens! It doesn’t go anywhere. Do I believe that she’d put her animatronic on the show if someone found it? I absolutely do think she would. 

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