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A video has been popping up all over social media recently from YouTube vlogger Mackenzie Marie, who created a rant about her recent dissatisfaction with her trip to Disneyland.

You can watch the video above to hear her loudly explain for nearly 15 minutes about an issue she had in line at Splash Mountain. For those who don’t have the time, patience or stamina, I will summarize. As these things go, Splash Mountain encountered some technical difficulties in the evening and the ride suddenly came to a stop as Mackenzie was waiting at the loading gate to get on the ride.


According to her account, every single Cast Member left the load area to go into the tower leaving the area unattended. Indeed, if this happened, there are major safety concerns. “Someone could have jumped over the ride and pushed all the friggin buttons and could have seriously hurt somebody!” Perhaps, but the way attractions that dispatch multiple ride vehicles like Splash Mountain operate, several buttons all need to be pressed simultaneously in order to dispatch a log. Meaning that the Guests pressing those buttons would not only have to know that, but also this is assuming the logs can be dispatched at all. If this was an E-stop, the ride can’t be dispatched until the error was fixed anyway. However, the fact remains that if there were truly zero attendants in the load area, this is a big safety issue. 

Disneyland Tickets

This is not Mackenzie’s biggest beef though. After the team announced the ride was being closed (after Mackenzie waited an hour at load for it to reopen), they sent all Guests still waiting in line back through the queue and were handed a FastPass for another attraction. When it was her turn to receive her FastPass, she asked the Cast Member distributing them, Rebecca, if they could use the passes on Splash Mountain if it reopened that night considering Disneyland was only going to be open another hour.

Splash Mountain

Rebecca explained that the FastPasses were good for any other ride in the park. “Little did she know that I didn’t want to go on any other ride than Splash Mountain because we were about to leave,” explained Mackenzie. Her friend Zack explained to Rebecca that there was an hour left and they weren’t really going to be able to use it and Rebecca responded with, “Well ok, I guess you guys don’t need one” and didn’t hand them a FastPass.  

Upon asking for management, Rebecca responded with, “For what? Because the ride went down? I’m sorry, my manager is up there (points towards the ride) and she can’t come down right now.” After Mackenzie asked for a FastPass herself (Zack asked the first time), Rebecca responded with, “Well, he said you don’t need one” and refused to give it to her.


All of this is on Mackenzie’s video above except for the end where Mackenzie says that Rebecca said to a fellow Cast Member, “Wow, they were so (f-bomb) rude,” referring to Mackenzie and Zack. I’m not saying Rebecca did or didn’t say this, but it’s the one thing not documented in the video above. Did she get the FastPass? I think so, though it’s not exactly clear in the video and in the end, it’s rather irrelevant. 

In summation, Mackenzie has successfully started a hashtag campaign against Rebecca on social media: #FireRebecca. According to the YouTube video, “Let’s get this video to 6,000 thumbs and get Rebecca fired!” I am here to tell you Mackenzie Marie and followers, it doesn’t work like that.  

Splash Mountain

I am not a spokesman for Disney or theme parks, but I am a guy who knows this industry, as well as hospitality very, very well. Speaking on behalf of anyone who has ever had a job or has ever made a mistake (I certainly have) please, please don’t push this agenda. 

No one is perfect and I am not excusing anything Rebecca did or did not do to Mackenzie all the way up to cursing in her presence. However, as a job, this was something that needs to be handled by Disneyland management. Much like if a similar incident were to happen at Starbucks, then Starbucks management would need to deal with the situation accordingly. Every time mistakes are made, it does not mean someone needs to be terminated from their employment, depending on the severity of the issue of course.  

Sure, Mackenzie felt slighted and I can get that from the POV footage she shot on her video. I would feel the same. However, she has no idea what Rebecca has or hasn’t done in the past. And people can learn from their mistakes especially if they are documented and coached on what to do better in the future. If incidents like these continue to happen with an employee with repeated similar issues? Let it be a management decision on if termination is the right answer.


I have a dream. That one day people can have bad customer service experiences and see the other person who wasn’t up to par as human. Someone who needs the job in order to support their family and someone who can learn from their mistakes. Mackenzie, if you’re reading this, even though I do not work at Disneyland and have no idea who Rebecca is or what she looks like, a dash of compassion goes a long way. Let management decide on how to best discipline someone and #dontfirerebecca. I look forward to your followers trolling my page.


Josh Young

Theme Park University

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  1. fan51
    Posted August 20, 2015 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

    I find it frustrating that the CM didn’t give her a Fastpass just to piss her off even more. This is a classic example of how minor incidents escalate to all out war. It’s not like Disney don’t have ride breakdowns. They are pretty common, yet the reaction to such events are different on a case by case basis. This is human inertia. The unwillingness to lift a finger to an irritated guest. It’s fine to let it go, but she is still mad about it.

  2. colaboy29
    Posted August 20, 2015 at 2:19 pm | Permalink

    Seriously, MM needs to put her big girl panties on and act like an adult, instead of trying to take matters into her own hands. Are there rude cast member? Yes. Do you rile up the Internet masses to get someone fired? No. You go to City Hall and, acting like a calm and rational adult, explain what happened. Don’t feel satisfied? Then write a letter (or email) and send it to WDW. This is exactly the tactics of lynch mob mentality. Who will be next? The bagger at the grocery store who smooshed her loaf of bread accidentally?

    And so what if you can’t get on a ride because it is having technical difficulties? I’d expect a tantrum from a 5 year-old, not of someone your age. You’ve obviously been on it before and you’ll get a chance to ride on a future visit. Be glad it’s shut down so guests aren’t getting killed or maimed riding on it.

    • colaboy29
      Posted August 21, 2015 at 3:19 pm | Permalink

      UPDATE: I just read the comments section on her video. Everyone else is also piling on top of her for being a selfish, whiny, brat.

  3. Brad Bishop
    Posted August 21, 2015 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    I didn’t watch the video and I won’t.

    A few things to note, though:

    Why would anyone record such a thing? Who’s in line and thinks, “You know what? Let’s record this wait. That’ll be fun. Then we can record someone handing us a FastPass. That’ll be interesting, too!” So, when these kind of odd recordings surface I tend to think more that it’s a setup. They were recording with hopes of starting something or creating a bit of chaos that they could share on YouTube and win people over and start some idiot movement.

    Mob rules – It’s stupid that we let those who start these “mob rules” viral events get any traction. #FireRebecca!! Why? What good is served there? Mobs rule unjustly. It’s just “for the moment” and in that moment people have their lives destroyed but “mob rules” is somehow a cool way to go, now. We have laws. Disney has rules. Let Disney apply their own rules as they see fit. There’s no need to start a campaign to get someone fired (Disney or otherwise).

    I went to a department store about six months ago and was treated rudely by one of the employes. Here’s the thing:
    – I didn’t record it.
    – I didn’t start recording before the incident start (think about that when you see recordings)
    – I didn’t go see a manager, though that would have been an appropriate avenue.
    – I just thought, “You know what? It’s going to be a long time before I shop here again.” (possibly never)

    No video. No #SoNSoMustBeFired! No “mob rules”. Just a simple vote with my wallet. Maybe others will complain to management or maybe others will vote with their wallets. I don’t care. All I know is that I really don’t want to experience that again so I won’t.

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