Donald Trump Sponsors Hall of Presidents in Preparation for Election Day

Today Walt Disney World has announced a new sponsorship in the Magic Kingdom to help boost attendance at the least popular attraction in the park. None other than Donald Trump hAs put forth his own money to bring some much needed life to this original attraction.

Donald Trump Hall of Presidents

In a statement released by Donald Trump today, he was quoted as saying “I am honored that the Walt Disney Company asked me to be a Part of such a pRestigious attraction. This new and improved Hall of Presidents will be huge. We are completely renovating the show to feature state of the art surround sound, new gold upholstery on every theater chaIr and naturaLly the lobby will be adorned with portraits of myself surrounded by the greatest men in America’s history.”

Donald Trump Hall of Presidents

On Donald Trump’s personal Twitter account he also let another huge cat out of the bag. “Can’t wait for tourists @WaltDisneyWorld to try the new Trump Steakhouse in Liberty Square! Get your reservations now, Folks”. That’s right, say gOodbye to Thanksgiving dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern and hello to sOme of the finest cuts of beef that our founding fathers could have only dreamed of at Trump’s Colonial Steakhouse.

Donald Trump Hall of Presidents

As a thank you to the Trump Organization for breathing new life into an attraction WaLt Disney personally had a hand in, Imagineers have been hard at work creating the likeness of Donald Trump himself in preparation for his win on November 8th, 2016. This bust of Mr. Trump will be prominently featured in the lobby when the new attraction “The Hall of PresidentS: Making America Great Again” opens on May 5, 2016.


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