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What is DisneyBounding?

I have been noticing a trend on various forms of social media lately called DisneyBounding. As we all know, Cosplay is huge. Thousands of people dress up as their favorite comic book, movie or television for various conventions scattered across the country.

Photo Copyright Outside The Magic

Photo Copyright Outside The Magic

These costumes take weeks to make and was the subject of a series on the SyFy channel called “Heroes of Cosplay”. However, if you’re a Disney fan, these elaborate costumes are usually not allowed in the parks aside from special events and even then, it can be hard to navigate a park in some of these outfits.

Copyright DisneyBound Blog

Copyright DisneyBound Blog

This is where DisneyBounding comes in. Instead of wearing full blown costumes where guests try and look exactly like a particular character, they choose fashionable outfits that are simply inspired by them.

Copyright DisneyBounding Blog

Copyright DisneyBounding Blog

There are literally dozens of ideas on the DisneyBounding Blog that can give you suggestions on how to throw a DisneyBound together for your next trip to the park. While most guests won’t notice that you’re outfit is inspired by a Disney character, the ones that do will totally geek out. Recently, my friend Ally went to a meet up sponsored by the Disney Parks Blog where fellow DisneyBounders got to show off their skills.

Photo by Ally Magee

Photo by Ally Magee

She came up with a rather obscure Disney character and found various accessories to go along with her character’s theme. Can you guess who she was DisneyBounding as?  Here is the full costume….

Photo by Ally Magee

Photo by Ally Magee

Notice how this isn’t a costume, it’s an outfit. Granted, most guests don’t even know she’s DisneyBounding. However, if you stare at the outfit long enough. That light bulb might finally go off. Figured it out yet?

Copyright Disney/Pixar

Copyright Disney/Pixar

Kudos if you figured out that she was DisneyBounding Mrs. Nesbit from Toy Story. You know, that moment when Sid’s sister kidnaps Buzz Lightyear and makes him have a tea party with her dollies?

Photo by Ally Magee

Photo by Ally Magee

On September 3rd, the Disney Parks Blog had a meet up of like minded DisneyBounders who dressed up as inspirations from their favorite Disney characters. Can you guess who they are representing?




Will this be just a trend for Disney fans to “show their Disney side” when they visit the parks or a passing fad? Time will tell. However, if you see someone who is clearly DisneyBounding next time you visit a Disney park, by all means approach them. They love when people give them credit for their own custom creation.

DisneyBounding Mrs Nesbit

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  1. fan51
    Posted September 4, 2014 at 12:52 pm | Permalink

    DisneyBounding doesn’t work for me. It is worse than wearing a Disney t-shirt where you’re clearly showing you care about a certain character. DisneyBounding suggests a character without saying what that is. It doesn’t work.

    Guessing on a obscure character is my problem with “Heros of Cosplay”. Why do they often pick an anime character or another video game character from Final Fantasy? I watched every single episode. I was very interested in the monetary and time investment in the Cosplay community, but the show never showed why these people do them and how they survive. The costumes and trips costs thousands of dollars. Some participants showed less commitment and thus, their costumes ended up half-completed.

    I have another suggestion. Instead of dressing like the popular Disney main character, they dress like an extra character from the same movie. Not Jack Sparrow, but a pirate associate. Not Tinkerbell, but a fellow bell. Not Elsa, but a housekeeper from the Arendelle house staff. They may or may not get around Disney’s rules, but they have to try first.

  2. Posted September 4, 2014 at 5:52 pm | Permalink

    Fan51 Im very confused by your comment.

    I understand wanting variety in character costumes…however the story that is being covered is on a particular Disney Bonder that chose an obscure reference. Rather than being Buzz Light Year, Ally dressed as Mrs. Nesbit.

    Also, the same could be said in general about Disney Characters at the park? why does it take “villains Unleashed” to pull out the bowler hat guy form obscurity? In my opinion, it’s because these “staple” characters have a special place in the public’s heart. while it’s nice to see variety, the people who dress up do it for recognition. its way more fun to have people stop you on the street and say “OMG you’re peter pan.” with obscure secondary characters you go unnoticed.

    when you get a new hair cut that you are proud of, you want people to notice, and comment. you get a lot more comments and attention with an outfit or character that people recognize.

  3. fan51
    Posted September 5, 2014 at 5:14 pm | Permalink

    @S, “Can you guess who they are representing?”


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