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Disney Raises Ticket Prices And The Internet Reacts: Volume 1

Welcome to our new yearly tradition here at Theme Park University where we take a sobering look at how the internet responds to Disney ticket price hikes. Long before I had my own website, one of my favorite hobbies was to go around and read how people would react every time Disney announced it would be more expensive to get into their parks.


Today we celebrate some of my favorite reactions from 2015 as the new price has risen to $105 (up from $99) to enter the Magic Kingdom. It will set you back $97 (up from $94) for a one-day ticket to enter the other three parks. All of these quotes are taken directly from comment sections of theme park fan sites, including Theme Park University.  For the sake of my own sanity, I will not be posting the names of the original sources, but simply copying and pasting their responses without editing. Enjoy!

Copyright Walt Disney World

Copyright Walt Disney World

“What about CMs who still aren’t seeing shit for pay?”…. “How about they use it to pay their employees a living wage rather than padding the pockets of Wall Street and endless multimillion dollar raises to executives!!!”


OK, I get it… Walt Disney World has never been known for their pay scale. As a matter of fact, I recently wrote about how Disney (and other theme parks) doesn’t pay enough for a living wage.  However, in no way does raising ticket prices have anything to do with giving employees a raise.


It’s the world we live in. Every time McDonald’s raises the price of Big Macs or Nike makes shoes more expensive, it does not mean the employees will also share in the wealth of this extra cash flow.  Big businesses do not work that way and they will never work that way.  There are a lot of moving parts and some of that extra money goes to hiring more people, some goes to improvements and sometimes it goes right in executive pockets.  No matter how much you may love theme parks, most are run by giant corporations. If you’re not a fan of how big business runs, it may not be the right fit for you.

Courtesy Ron Schneider

Courtesy Ron Schneider

“Walt Disney himself wouldn’t be happy with the prices”


Not only was this a comment, but it was “liked” a staggering 312 times on Facebook.  It’s incredible to think that nearly 50 years after his death, Walt is still brought up in situations like this. As fans, for some reason, we need to go back to our “What Would Walt Do” bracelets and reflect on what we think the founder of the company would have done in times like this.


At the time of his death, you could get a dozen eggs for fewer than 50 cents, a frozen chicken pot pie for 30 cents, gas for 35 cents a gallon and the median price for a new home was just under $28,000.  Walt would indeed flip over how expensive life, including Disney, is now.  He’d probably also be shocked that we have a black president, but that’s a different story entirely.

Obama Walt Disney World

“When will Disney let the older folks that are on fixed incomes back in the park??? We like to have fun too. They need a “Senior Pass” for those of us in our 70s.”


I knew this would happen.  One day, seniors would rise up and revolt against their policy of not letting them in. You think that they can’t do much with their walkers and canes, but consider this… Chuck Norris is 74 years old.

If seniors would band together and use Norris as their General, there would be no stopping them.  Sure, they already get discounts at Golden Corral and have their own menu at Perkins, but considering Disney won’t let them in to see their grandkids hug whatever that new black princess with the green dress is called? Shenanigans.

Copyright Walt Disney World

Copyright Walt Disney World

criminal, they make money hand over fist, then gouge you at the food and souvenir shops, they make tons of money with their movies and stores, maybe they need to look at that, do we need the disney stores? may be the excutives could take a cut in pay, i dont think they need those big mansions and several cars. Walt Disney would not like this gouging, maybe disney needs to go back to the ticket books they had in the early days of the parks.”


I just don’t even know where to start.  There are so many thoughts going on here and none of them really connect and I…  Squirrel!

Copyright Pixar

Copyright Pixar

“if i am paying $105 to get into MK i do not want to see that damn crane EVER!!!!”


Apparently they are referring to the crane that is currently up in the Magic Kingdom to take down the lights used during the holiday season.  Indeed, cranes and construction for special events have always been a part of the Disney experience.  However, if this guy wants to stop all construction and never have any special events again requiring construction, I’m sure the executives will enjoy your feedback, sir.  You’ve saved them a ton of money.

Photo by Josh Young

Photo by Josh Young

“Walt Disney said he wanted to make a place where kids and their parents can play together, he didn’t want the prices to be so extreme where people couldn’t afford to go and play together”


Indeed, Walt did say that. However, the affordable part was never mentioned.  Perhaps he implied it? For the record, parents and children are still playing/having fun together. In 2013, 18.6 million people visited the Magic Kingdom and that is a lot of families having fun together, no?  Even at prices within the $90 range for adults.


Now you can claim that this particular price increase will be the death of Walt Disney World and that they shot themselves in the foot, but as history has proven this is rarely the case.  At the end of the day, it’s simple supply and demand.  If millions of people are willing to pay the ticket prices, then theme parks can justify charging whatever they like as long as there is demand for the product.

Copyright The Walt Disney Company

Copyright The Walt Disney Company

I look forward to next year’s comments when prices go up, as they are always a great form of entertainment for me.  I will leave you with this thought. Within the coming weeks, Universal Orlando will also raise its tickets prices to keep up with Disney. Why do they not catch nearly the amount of flack that Disney does? What’s their secret?


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One Comment

  1. fan51
    Posted February 23, 2015 at 1:54 pm | Permalink

    How about these arguments?

    “Disneyland is so crowded. I’m willing for more dramatic price increases if the crowding will stop. The Annual Passes are so affordable with monthly payments. Cut out the monthly payments then less people will buy the APs. But the new Disneyland day price is outrageous and no one can go. It is just an AP park!!!”

    “The middle class is squeezed out. They can’t afford to go. Yes, people are still going.”

    “Prices gone up because of all the additions to California Adventure. If only the park still sucks, the prices would be lower.”

    “Prices gone up and Disneyland hasn’t gotten anything new since Indiana Jones.”

    My opinion is prices are going higher and people are still going. The worse argument are higher prices will alleviate crowding, since it hasn’t been shown to be true. It’s a variation of “no one is going to Disneyland because the park is too crowded.”

    The Disney fanatics also want to reduce the AP presence in the parks. Afterall, 20% of APs are in Disneyland on December 25, Christmas Day, so a family from Utah cannot enter the park and their vacation is forever ruined. Let’s dump the APs from the parks by pricing them out of existence. Disney just eliminated the parking option for APs. They got their wish and they’re foaming at their mouths.

    Logic doesn’t work with these people.

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