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Disney Favorites Cosplayed at Dragon Con

Over 70,000 people attended Dragon Con over the Labor Day weekend – a record attendance for the convention whose 1987 debut launched with roughly 1,400 fans. Originally developed as a science fiction and gaming convention, its popularity has grown so much over the years that other fandoms now call it home. Nowadays even Disney costumes abound, so I ventured out to get pics of the best ones I could find.

Our favorites:


Cinderella Cosplay

From Disney’s new 2015 live-action retelling of Cinderella. That gown is gorgeous.


Belle Cosplay

This Belle is adorable. She poses with elegance and grace even while being photobombed. Good job, Belle.


Tinkerbell and Elsa Cosplay

Tinkerbell and Elsa — the sassy mischief makers. Are you laughing because you’ve just caused some trouble, Tink?

These ladies are beautiful. Their costumes are beautiful. And the kids of the con adore them. Win.


Mary Poppins Cosplay

Two photos. Two eye-catching costume sets.

I see a lot of Mary Poppins and Bert cosplays at geeky conventions, but very rarely do I get the chance to see a cosplayer all dirtied up as chimney-sweeper-Bert, so I was especially delighted to see the costumed creation of the duo in the first photo. Bonus points for it being a lady playing the role of one of Disney’s leading men.

Mary Poppins Cosplay

The 2nd photo more accurately depicts the typical type of cosplay often seen from Mary Poppins — the crisp and clean version of Bert in his iconic striped suit. Although this cosplay is more abundant, this duo stood out from the rest of the crowd because they had music from the film’s soundtrack playing from their costumes.


Vanellope Von Schweetz Cosplay

The cuteness overwhelmed me, and I had to take my picture with her! I’ve seen lots of Vanellope cosplays since the debut of Wreck It Ralph, but this was the first time I saw someone create a version of lil miss von Schweetz seated inside of her race kart. The addition of the car made her cosplay irresistible.


Honey Lemon Cosplay

It’s Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6! Her costume’s made from a dash of perchloric acid, a smidgen of cobalt, and a hint of hydrogen peroxide, super heated to 500 Kelvin.



The best Maleficent cosplay I’ve ever seen. Period.


Ariel cosplays are probably my favorite Disney costumes to stumble upon because they tend to be the most creative. No one wants to walk around Dragon Con with their feet tied together, so rather than construct a fin or attempt to create an accurate representation of a mermaid’s tail, cosplayers often find other ways to represent Ariel’s bottom half.

Hipster Ariel and Atreyu with Fb

Hipster Ariel (above) used green shorts and socks to create Ariel’s mermaid tail. She sliced holes in the sides of the socks to make them look more like fins and then paired them with a purple bra in place of the purple shells that cover Ariel’s breasts in the film. Super simple but super cute. (And if you’ve ever seen 1984’s The Neverending Story, then you may recognize my cosplay as a female version of Atreyu standing beside Ariel in this photo. Not a Disney film, but it’s my absolute favorite, so I will shamelessly promote it here. Hehe.)

Ariel Cosplay

Steampunk Ariel also uses clever costuming to combine staples of Steampunk fashion– the corset and goggles– with shiny leggings made to look like the pattern of a mermaid’s tail. Ariel’s trident is a nice added touch to the ensemble, and the subtle placement of a few small items—the shell on the trident, the sea star on her belt—gives the outfit additional character.

All photos are ©Jillian Michelle for Theme Park University. You can see more of her Atreyu costume on her Facebook page here. Or follow her adventure blog at AdventureDragon.com to keep up with her travels around the world. Make sure to follow Theme Park University on Twitter and like our Facebook Page! Doing any online shopping? Click on the Amazon link on this Page and it helps us pay the bills and costs you nothing extra!

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