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5 Reasons Why The Buzzy Animatronic Story Is Totally Bizarre

By now, you’ve probably heard the news about the Buzzy Animatronic at Epcot’s former Wonders of Life pavilion. If not, here’s a brief rundown.

Just before Christmas 2018, rumor was the Buzzy Animatronic at the former Cranium Command attraction had been stolen entirely. The Disney Twitter/message board community lit up with hashtags of #findbuzzy everywhere. However, there wasn’t much info to go on because it was all rumor and hearsay.

That is until a twitter account known as @backdoordisney started tweeting that they were arrested in connection with the figure being stolen. If you think that’s bizarre, it doesn’t even scratch the surface. Here are five reasons why the story doesn’t make any sense.

#5 Was the animatronic stolen? Or just the clothes?When this story first starting gaining strength, the rumor was that the entire Buzzy animatronic figure was stolen from Epcot. This rumor actually came directly from the person who managed (that’s in the past-tense since the account is now gone) the @backdoordisney twitter account. He actually tweeted that he was arrested in relation to the Buzzy animatronic being stolen from Epcot.

However, according to a few news sources such as the Orlando Sentinel, it turns out the only thing that has been stolen was his clothes and rubber hands. Or at least that we know of. According to the police report filed with Orange County, Disney estimated the value of the stolen clothes/hands to be around $500. However, keeping in mind that they could go for much more on the lucrative collector’s market.

#4 How Was This Actually Stolen?

From here on out, we are going to assume that the entire animatronic wasn’t stolen and it was only the clothes and hands since that is the only official information we have to go on. Which still begs the question… how?

If you recall seeing Cranium Command during it’s 1989-to-2007 run, you’ll remember that Buzzy sat up on a swivel chair attached to a hydraulic arm that swung around to face various parts of the stage around him. Even then, the animatronic was hovering above a small pit which was roughly about five-to-six feet below the bottom row of the audience. Meaning that whoever managed to get to Buzzy to steal his clothes had to have either jumped and landed perfectly on the hydraulic arm or had access to a ladder. Which leads me to my next point.

#3 Was This An Inside Job?

I won’t link to them here, but do some quick research and you’ll find several videos of “urban explorers” on YouTube exploring Cranium Command long after it closed to guests. For better or worse, the theater itself (at least according to the videos I’ve seen) seemed somewhat accessible to those who had the gumption to sneak backstage. However, getting to the actual Buzzy animatronic? Not even close to easy.

Therefore, it’s very likely that whomever did this, had access to a ladder. Meaning they probably scoped it out in advance, knew where to find the ladder and had a strategy in mind. The odds of a ticketed guest spending the time to do this is slim (though not impossible). However, either a Disney Cast Member, third-party vendor or contractor who had more access than a guest makes far more sense. Which leads me to believe, is this guy associated with the arrest? Could he have been a Cast Member at some point?

#2 Why Was It A Voluntary Interview?

According to an article on Central Florida News 13, Patrick Allen Spikes (who apparently was a suspect in the theft and the supposed owner of the former of the @backdoordisney Twitter account) went to a Sheriff’s office near Lake Buena Vista. He wasn’t forced. This was his call.

News 13 reported that at some point in the “heated” interview, Spikes said he felt sick. Reedy Creek emergency services responded and took him to Doctor Philips hospital. After he was released, he was then charged with resisting arrest.

Granted, this was a non-violent charge. However, if you read between the lines, it seems that Spikes wasn’t liking how the interview (which he came in for voluntarily) was going and perhaps faked some sort of illness to try and get out of it. Real or imaginary illness, he was apprehended. However, one vital element is still missing.

#1 Where Are Buzzy’s Clothes and Hands

What we don’t know as of the writing of this article: where are the clothes and hands? If Spikes was interrogated as a possible suspect (we still don’t know why he was a suspect to begin with), then it seems to have led nowhere as the items have not been reported as recovered.

Really, this entire story is bizarre and makes no sense. I’m not saying that Spikes was involved and it may or may not have been an inside job. One thing is clear: we clearly don’t know a lot about this story and so much of it doesn’t even add up already. What are your theories on what happened to Buzzy?

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