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New Epcot Brazil Pavilion to Be Announced at 2019 D23 Expo?

Something that has been speculated about for years may be announced at the D23 Expo Parks presentation. A new country has been teased, announced and rumored for Epcot even before opening day. However, we believe this time it’s actually happening with the announcement of a new Brazil pavilion. Keep in mind, we aren’t pulling the

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New Moana Attraction Headed to Epcot

Just announced at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, a new Moana attraction is headed to Epcot. Little is known about the attraction at this point, but from what we can piece together, it seems to be a walk-through attraction that takes the place of the current Fountain of Nations behind Spaceship Earth. This is a

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Disney Versus Universal: Two Very Different Strategies For Revealing New Attractions

With the bi-annual D23 Expo on the horizon in Anaheim, I thought it would be a good time to take a look corporate strategy for new park announcements. No doubt, the public will get a more detailed look at projects that have already been announced and under-construction like the Star Wars Hotel or the Marvel

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5 Reasons Why We Don’t Expect Huge Crowds The Opening Month at Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge

By now, you’ve probably heard that crowds for the opening of Galaxy’s Edge have been soft. From first accounts to the Walt Disney Company quarterly earnings call, it’s been well documented that crowds haven’t exactly been turning up in mass to check out Batuu, the fictional land Imagineers created as the new home for Star

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Go Behind The Scenes at Smuggler’s Run at Galaxy’s Edge

Having recently been on Smuggler’s Run at Galaxy’s Edge, I was extremely impressed with how high tech this new attraction is. Being able to render graphics in real-time on to a huge dome screen is pretty impressive. Considering that this attraction is essentially a live-action video game meant Smugglers Run needed more computing power than

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Disney’s Hollywood Studios Galaxy’s Edge Features Easter Egg Tribute to Lights Motors Action

With every new land opening at a major theme park that replaced a former attraction, you’re bound to find it. Somehow, somewhere, an Imagineer has placed some sort of cleverly hidden Easter egg for the public to find that pays tribute to the attraction that laid before it. Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a Galaxy’s Edge

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First Video of Epcot’s Astuter Computer Revue Surfaces in Over 35 Years

Are you a completist when it comes to extinct attractions? There are plenty of us out there and I’m fascinated with rides and shows that no longer exist. Even more so, those that seem to have vanished in video form over the years. After a while, you give up hope that any kind of recording

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Take A Rare Behind The Scenes Look At The Now Closed Disney Adventurers Club

Take a unique look behind-the-scenes of the Adventurers Club in Pleasure Island!

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Patrick Spikes, Accused of Stealing Haunted Mansion Animatronic Costumes, Pleads Not Guilty

We have been following the story of Patrick Spikes (otherwise known as Backdoor Disney) for quite some time. For those unfamiliar, I’ll give you a brief rundown. Spikes ran and started a Twitter account known as Backdoor Disney where he started posting backstage photos of Walt Disney World. This put him on the radar of

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RetroMagic Event to Rekindle Memories of Walt Disney World Glory Days

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Retro Disney World Podcast, there is going to be an event held at Walt Disney World and it sounds pretty fantastic. RetroMagic will take place on Saturday, Oct. 12 and Sunday, Oct. 13 and will feature panels from dozens of Disney legends. Naturally, all of the topics of

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