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An Interview with Jessica Cox – A Woman Born Without Arms Who Isn’t Allowed To Ride A Single Attraction At Universal Orlando

You’ve probably seen the headlines by now. Jessica Cox, a woman who was born without arms, was denied riding any moving attractions at Universal Orlando on a trip back in November 2015. She is not someone who takes “no” for an answer lightly, as she is a licensed scuba diver and even a licensed pilot. Theme

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PeopleMover History Video by Martin Smith is Incredible

There is no finer source of Disney theme park history available on the web than Martin Smith’s videos. Many times in the past, we have trumpeted how wonderful his work is and this time is no exception. His latest video on the PeopleMover in Walt Disney World’s Tomorrowland can not be missed. It clocks in

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Original Dreamfinder to Play Walt’s Frozen Head in Upcoming Film

Remember the film that we told you about several months ago here at Theme Park University? The one that was filmed at Walt Disney World without permission? Yes, it’s still moving forward and finishing production. “Walt’s Frozen Head” begs the question: what if Walt Disney was actually cryogenically frozen and has been locked away for

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Donald Trump Sponsors Hall of Presidents in Preparation for Election Day

Today Walt Disney World has announced a new sponsorship in the Magic Kingdom to help boost attendance at the least popular attraction in the park. None other than Donald Trump hAs put forth his own money to bring some much needed life to this original attraction. In a statement released by Donald Trump today, he

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Walt Disney World Officially Gets Into the Escape Room Business

Disney recently announced a new offering at the Walt Disney World Resort which has been a growing trend sweeping the globe in themed entertainment. Escape rooms have been popping up everywhere and now you can play one at Disney in Orlando! The Escape Challenge is available as an exclusive offering for corporate groups from the

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Why China Is Too Advanced For Disney MagicBands

Considering the opening date for Shanghai Disneyland has finally been announced, we are going to take an extensive look at just how different this park will be from other Disney resorts around the world. In 2015, we found out that Disney was ditching the idea for using MagicBands in California as the roll out of

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New Film Shot at Walt Disney World Without Permission: Walt’s Frozen Head

It was bound to happen. Love it or hate it, the film “Escape from Tomorrow” was a financial success, as many people watched it just to see how it could be shot without Walt Disney World’s permission. Well yet another movie has been shot at Walt Disney World without the Mouse’s approval: “The Further Adventures

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Has Disney Lost Their Sense of Humor?

By now you’ve heard the story of David Swindler, the man who was on vacation with his family over the Labor Day Weekend 2015 at the Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World. According to several news reports, Swindler was on hold with the front desk for a long period of time looking to get

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Have Disney Parks Squeezed Out the Middle Class?

You’ve probably seen the article by now, but if you haven’t, click this link.  The Washington Post recently ran a story about how the middle class have been slowly and systematically squeezed out of Walt Disney World thanks to increasing ticket prices. Not only is the article heavily flawed in logic, it’s also terribly inaccurate, deliberate

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Is Walt Disney World Getting Too Expensive?

It all started in February 2015 when Walt Disney World announced that they were increasing ticket prices which broke the $100 threshold for a single day ticket for an adult to enter the Magic Kingdom. Many online theme park fans, like always, went a little crazy and said that this could be the end for

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