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The Vault of Souls Returns to Tampa for 2016 Haunt Season

There are two things I have looked forward to this fall: the return of pumpkin spiced everything and The Vault of Souls coming back to downtown Tampa. For those unfamiliar, this event takes place in the real creepy basement of a real bank built in the 1920s filled with real history. Unlike a typical haunt attraction,

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Sleep No More to Make Shanghai Debut in Fall 2016

The immersive theater phenomenon that has become New York theater’s best kept secret is branching out into China. That’s right, Punchdrunk (a London based theater company) is bringing Sleep No More east and setting up shop in Shanghai beginning fall 2016. In case you’ve been living under a rock, immersive theater is a new experiential form

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Paradiso Combines Escape Room with Immersive Theater

It is finally happening: immersive theater and an escape room experience are finally combining into one experience in New York City. The recently opened Paradiso combines special effects and elements of immersive theater into what they are calling a new form of entertainment. Paradiso is a 60-minute journey in which 10 participants at a time

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Goosebumps Immersive Theater Experience Opening in London

What many consider to be the gold standard in children’s horror novels is coming to life in the form of an immersive theatrical experience in London, and it’s for adults 18-and-over. That’s right, R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps book series will live on starting April 2016 in a new show called Goosebumps Alive. According to Scholastic, the

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Neil Patrick Harris Creating Immersive Theater Show

I may need a towel. If what I read in the New York Times this morning is true, a new magic-centric immersive theater show is headed to NYC and Neil Patrick Harris is collaborating on it. While this may not be Earth shattering news to you, I am beyond words thrilled about it. This project

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Penumbra = When Shadows Fall = The Republic 2.0

Over the last week, I have gotten multiple messages asking me the same question: What was your reaction when you found out that Penumbra (with official show name When Shadows Fall) was actually The Republic 2.0? I’d like to apologize in advance for not having a camera on at the time the light bulb went

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What The Hell Is Penumbra In Orlando?

Fact: If you send me a mysterious and detailed package in the mail, you will get my attention. I was sent an ominous e-mail from one “K. Alexander,” who asked for my mailing address because there was going to be an announcement about something that has been brewing in Orlando for 28 years. No details

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Blackout Twenty-One Brings Extreme Horror Directly To You

If you follow Theme Park University, you’ll know I am a fan of immersive theater. Regulars may also know I am fascinated with extreme haunted houses. Doesn’t mean I like them, but they sure as hell are interested. Blackout is arguably the grandaddy of all modern extreme haunt experiences. Very hands on, very sexual and

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New Walking Dead Immersive Theater Experience opening in Atlanta

Few things get me as excited as immersive theater experiences. While I have attended many over the years, I have been waiting to find one tied to an intellectual property. As it turns out there is a new Walking Dead immersive theater show opening in Atlanta and running through the end of November 2015. The

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5 Reasons Why The Vault of Souls is Not A Typical Haunt Attraction

Finally. After living in Central Florida for nearly 20 years, I have been craving a form of entertainment that goes beyond what can be done in a theme park. Something that can throw away all the rules of waiting in long lines, keeping your hands to yourself and being herded like cattle in order to

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