• Mr. Toad's Wild Ride change

    Who Moved My Theme Park Cheese?

    For those unfamiliar, “Who Moved My Cheese” is a short hardcover book aimed at adults who have a problem coping with change. In the fairly short read, four characters find themselves lost in a maze where they have to venture out to find their cheese every day in order to eat. One day, the cheese […]

  • Copyright Walt Disney World

    Celebrity Freebies in America’s Theme Parks

    Love it or hate it, Americans have always been fascinated by celebrities. There are thousands of websites, hundreds of television shows and countless magazines that are devoted to famous people. We treat them like royalty and always have. One of the perks of being famous is getting “swag” just about everywhere you go and theme […]

  • Copyright Universal Orlando Resort

    How Much of Universal Orlando is Owned by Universal Studios?

    With the recent opening of Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida, I got to wondering, “How much of Universal Orlando is licensed properties and how much does Universal Studios actually own?” Considering “Jaws” was a Universal Studios film and it’s been replaced with a franchise owned by Warner Brothers, I decided to do some investigating […]

  • Photo by Domenic Valenti

    Funland at Museum of Sex Combines Carnival and Sexuality

    Warning: Today’s article contains images and subject matter that is definitely not safe for work (NSFW)! Considering we are a “University,” every once in a while we will tackle themes and concepts of an advanced/adult nature. Proceed with caution!! Regardless of if we admit it or not, but attractions found at carnivals and theme parks […]

  • Copyright San Francisco Dungeon

    San Francisco Dungeon Combines History And Chills

    Editor’s Note: Today’s article comes to us from an avid Theme Park University reader and a huge fan of themed entertainment. Alexander hopes to be in the themed entertainment field himself one day and we wish him the best of luck. Many thanks for the review of San Francisco Dungeon, Alexander!   I visited San […]

  • Photo by Steven Cardona

    Play/Date Combines Immersive Theater And Social Media

    No matter how many times I write about it, immersive theater continues to fascinate me. From Sleep No More and Then She Fell in New York to The Speakeasy in San Francisco, audiences seem to love this new theater trend where you aren’t restricted to seats and the action happens all around you. Play/Date is […]

  • Copyright Kentucky Kingdom

    Kentucky Kingdom’s Growing Pains

    Opening a new park can be a nightmare. No matter how ready you think you are, there are always things you overlook, attractions not quite ready and staff that still needs time to adjust for massive crowds. Kentucky Kingdom, which just reopened on Memorial Day weekend of this year, is having a heckuva time adjusting. […]

  • Copyright Walt Disney World

    What Happened To Theme Park Sponsorships?

    A Theme Park University reader recently posed the following on our TPU Facebook wall: “When did Walt Disney world get away from sponsors of restaurants and attractions? Coca-Cola used to sponsor The American Adventure and Kraft Foods then later Nestle sponsored The Land.”  He’s right. Sponsorships are hard to come by these days and seem to […]

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