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    Ask TPU: Is Disney Picking on Deadmau5?

    Welcome back to “Ask TPU” where I answer your questions about themed entertainment, attractions and life. Jason in New York writes in to ask: “What happened with the big Deadmau5 vs Disney dispute? Did either side cave in? Why does Disney even care about some DJ anyway?” I’ll do my best to explain what happened and […]

  • In this sketch we can see that the audience, in a simulator designed as a rocketship, would indeed blast off to the Moon, while stewardesses would serve light refreshments. (I would note this attraction concept was created a decade ahead of the STAR TOURS attraction that opened at Disneyland in 1992.)
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    Six Flags Power Plant 4: Concept Art

    Considering it never made any money, the Six Flags Power Plant was a unique attraction with some ingenious design. In Parts 1, 2 and 3 of our series we discussed how the project came about, what ultimately opened and reasons for it’s demise. Today we look at some concept art for the attraction, a lot […]

  • The infamous “NOT AN AMUSEMENT PARK” photo – although they added some really strange “additions” below it – after Six Flags cancelled the “NOT AN AMUSEMENT PARK” campaign.  The smaller additions below it make no sense at all and even add to the confusion with regard to “what” The Power Plant was going to offer once it opened.
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    Six Flags Power Plant 3: Why It Closed

    In Part One of our series on Six Flags Power Plant, we learned about how the attraction could have changed Six Flags as we know it today. In Part Two, we find out how it ultimately did change the industry. Today, we learn from our guest Gary Goddard exactly why he thinks the Power Plant […]

  • Magic Lantern Theater
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    Six Flags Power Plant 2: Not An Amusement Park

    Welcome back to our series on Six Flags Power Plant! In Part One, we discussed the project and talked about how much of a game changer it could have been for Six Flags and the industry. In Part Two, we get an exclusive interview with Gary Goddard who discusses his involvement with the Six Flags […]

  • A billboard created for Six Flags in the early stages to let the public know what was coming.
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    Six Flags Power Plant Part 1: An Experiment In Baltimore

    One of the things I am most proud of at Theme Park University is documenting parks and attractions that have closed. From Hard Rock Park to MGM Grand Adventures, to the Titanic Attraction at Fox Studios Australia, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing the heads of each project and finding out about the design phase, […]

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    Le Reve Adds Multimillion Dollar New Scene To Show At The Wynn Las Vegas

    As many readers know, my favorite spectacle show in the entire world is Le Reve at the Wynn in Las Vegas. It’s absolutely breath taking from start to finish and it has to be seen to be believed. One of the reasons I love the show so much is it’s constantly evolving. Every time I […]

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    Easter Eggs: Gaston’s Tavern Tribute to Disney Executives Bob Iger and Tom Staggs

    Since New Fantasyland opened at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom opened in 2012, it’s no secret that the park’s current Vice President Phil Holmes has been immortalized in the form of a portrait. Bonjour! Village Gifts features a portrait of Holmes in the very back of the shop. According to legend, he is the proprietor […]

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    Ask TPU: Will the Cirque du Soleil Theme Park Ever Be Built?

    Welcome to our new weekly column where we answer reader questions from all over the world. I get questions all the time, either via e-mail, Twitter or meeting fans of TPU in person and this will be a perfect way to help readers how the industry works. I don’t proclaim to know all the answers, […]

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