• Photo by Josh Young

    Universal Studios Florida’s Tribute To Annie

    Considering the remake of “Annie” with Jamie Foxx and Cameron Diaz did relatively well at the box office during the 2014 holiday season ($84 million domestically), I figured it would be a good time to point out a great theme park nod the original film. The original film version of “Annie” was adapted for the […]

  • Copyright Walt Disney World

    Top 10 Reasons Epcot’s Horizons Was The Greatest Dark Ride of All Time

    On January 9, 1999, I took the day off of work and headed to Epcot with a small bag filled with snacks. After just over 15 years in operation, Horizons was announced to be having its last day of operation. I spent the entire day continuing to go around and around, clinging to the memories […]

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    Dark Rides Takes Readers On NC-17 Trip Through Walt Disney World

    Editor’s Note: The content in today’s article deals with sex and theme parks.  While the article itself won’t contain any graphic content, the idea is enough for some to become offended. In addition, Theme Park University does not condone naughty acts in theme parks, but we’re not naive enough to believe it doesn’t happen. Enjoy! […]

  • Copyright Crown Archetype

    Choose Your Own Autobiography By Neil Patrick Harris Is Perfect For Lovers Of Interactive Themed Entertainment

    Even though he doesn’t know it, Neil Patrick Harris has played a huge role in my life and thus, Theme Park University. To be clear, I have only seen a few episodes of Doogie Howser, M.D. and roughly half of the How I Met Your Mother series. Not that I have anything against them, but […]

  • Copyright Associated Press

    Liberace To Be Reborn In Las Vegas As A Hologram

    Liberace, the bedazzled piano superstar, will once again become a Las Vegas headliner 25 years after his death. Thanks to a company known as Hologram USA, the performer will be brought to life via a new twist on a very old magic trick known as Pepper’s Ghost. Dating back to 1600’s, the effect was made […]

  • Photo by Josh Young

    Are All Theme Park Injuries News These Days?

    On Wednesday, January 21, the Orlando Sentinel published an article with the title “Riders Die After Small World, Toy Story.” Who wouldn’t want to know what happened on these extremely tame rides where two separate women died after riding them? Were they operating properly? Are there gruesome pictures? Maybe it was a freak accident. While […]

  • Copyright Falcon's Treehouse

    Behind The Scenes At Chimelong Ocean Kingdom’s Deep Sea Odyssey

    Arguably, the biggest theme park to open in 2014 was Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in Fuxiang Bay, China.  It has already set several Guinness World Records, including the record for the world’s largest aquarium. Within part of that aquarium lies Ocean Kingdom’s signature attraction: Deep Sea Odyssey. I recently had the chance to chat with the folks […]

  • Copyright 2013 Erik Peterson

    Legoland Florida Hotel To Open May 2015

    Legoland Florida recently announced that their entry from just a theme park into a full-fledged resort will happen on May 15, 2015 with the opening of the Legoland Florida Hotel. The 152-room hotel is expected to add 150 jobs to the resort and takes the experience from a one-day theme park to multi-day resort experience. […]

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